Automic Automation

Enterprises need to automate a complex and diverse landscape of applications, platforms and technologies to deliver services in a competitive digital business environment.

Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms are essential to scale your IT operations and derive greater value from automation.

Automic Automation gives you the agility, speed and reliability required for effective digital business automation. From a single unified platform, Automic centrally provides the orchestration and automation capabilities needed to accelerate your digital transformation and support the growth of your company.

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Having the expertise with both Automic Automation and ServiceNow, we also offer an easy way for ServiceNow users to publish Automic Automation processes as ServiceNow Service Catalog entries, enabling self-service delivery through the Automic® ServiceNow Service Connector. The action pack is part of Automic Automation, which fully orchestrates the delivery of complex services. These services include provisioning, updating, changing, and de-provisioning of service components across business, application, and infrastructure layers, whether on-premise, hybrid, or in the cloud. Unlike alternatives, which are best suited to greenfield data centres, Automic Service Orchestration protects existing investments in IT tools and integrates them instead of requiring you to rip and replace them.

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