Automic® Automated System Copy for SAP

Get the most of your SAP system by automation

Automic® Automated System Copy for SAP is built on the Automic Automation platform and its extensible catalogue of adapters. Automic Automated System Copy for SAP provides a high degree of automation for SAP system copies, up to 100% depending on the individual scenario. Automating copies removes latency between steps and eliminates manual operator error. As a result, you get faster, more frequent, and more reliable SAP system copies. 

A single point of control allows all copying, slicing, and masking steps to be monitored as a single process from a central console.

  • Parallel processing optimizes throughput by running tasks in parallel where possible, dramatically improving pre-copy and post-copy processes.
  • Seamlessly integrates with thirdparty slicing and masking tools to reduce and anonymize nonproduction data during the copy process.

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