Your employees know every step of your business processes by heart. To incorporate this knowledge into your work with Automic Automation, Capture offer training courses that are based on many years of business and technical experience, conducted by Instructors with outstanding Automic expertise.

Training can be delivered to your company

  1. on-site Trainings in your premises,

  2. public classes (Automic Academy) or

  3. individual Workshops.

We offer you a maximum depth of training competence, skills and Automic insights to achieve the best benefit from the enormous potential of Automic Automation functionality and features.

No matter which type of Know-How Transfer and Training you prefer, we will offer you the right solution, just talk to us or contact us here and send your requirements.

We provide all kind of Automic Standard Training Sessions on

  • Automic Automation Design
  • Automic Automation Script
  • Automic Automation Administration

As well as

  • Individual Workshops tailored to your specific needs


Automic Academy offers public Training in our Training Center @qSkills, Capture’s strategic Partner for classroom Training.

The Automic Academy courses are offered in 2 different forms, you can choose between onsite-site Training in Nuremberg or virtual Training sessions.

Please find our Automic Academy courses, registration and the learning path.

Automic Academy on Qskills

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