Capture is offering a full range of Professional Services around the Broadcom Automic Automation Product Portfolio.

With Broadcom, enterprises can rely on solid automation products powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to drive agility across both digital processes and continuous delivery pipelines.

Enterprise automation let you visualize and manage complex workloads across scheduling platforms, ERP systems, business apps from mainframe to microservices, and the cloud. Intelligent pipelines enable to easily construct and monitor releases including the dependencies across the pipelines. Proactive and autonomous remediation across systems, applications, and multi-cloud help create more resilient production environments.

By bridging across functional and technology silos, and providing a single control point for all automation, it is possible for IT organization to have the backbone they need to support their automation centre of enablement initiatives.

Workload automation

Workload automation gives you the agility, speed, visibility, and scalability that you need to respond to the constantly changing technological landscape. Next-generation enterprise workload automation centrally manages the execution of all your business processes across mainframe, cloud, or hybrid environments, even when you are upgrading to a new version.

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Release Automation

CA Technologies is the leader in business automation. Customers rely on Automic Continuous Delivery Automation (formerly CA Continuous Delivery Automation) to drive continuous delivery across the enterprise for their cloud-native apps, core packaged apps, classic middleware apps and legacy mainframe apps. Automic Continuous Delivery Automation empowers digital transformation giving businesses the agility, speed and reliability required to stay competitive in the digital age. Partner with CA Technologies to provide consistent, repeatable and auditable deployments across all of your continuous delivery pipelines.

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Service Orchestration

Self-service automation enables organizations to extract the most value from their investments in people and technology. Because time spent waiting for a service request means wasted money and lost opportunity, self-service maximizes productivity and enables businesses to move at digital speeds.

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