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The Automation of IT-processes is not brand new and most organizations have already something in place, this can be either a 3rd Party product or a self-developed solution. With pre-configured migration routines, we can bring your new system into production and migrate your existing environment quickly and smoothly to Automic. Migration tools migrate a large portion of your processes and workflows into your Automic system, the rest is adapted by our team of migration experts in close collaboration with your operational employees.

Our team of experts provide many years of experience from migrations that have already been delivered over the last years to Automic customers, using proven migration tools for a highly automated migration.

A typical process of a Migration project:

  • Migration Workshop: analysis of the existing system, create migration strategy, define roles & responsibilities and project plan
  • Process definition analysis: adapt tools to standards and specific customer needs
  • Rapid result migration: proof of conversion tool, process simulation and test
  • Deployment strategy: lessons learned, adaption, define a final strategy (packaging)
  • Migration to production: ongoing Support, regular workshops & review, additional modifications if necessary 



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