HOT 2022: Experience the evolution of workload automation live

For the 19th time, workload automation users will have the opportunity to experience leading automation solutions live at HOT 2022 in Munich. Among other things, Broadcom will present its latest version V21 and tie in with the dominant industry trends with its feature highlights. 

Read more in this blog post:

  • How the workload automation market has changed over the last two years.
  • Which industry trends will continue to shape the evolution of workload automation platforms
  • What you can expect from the Automic Automation platform
  • Why you shouldn't miss HOT 2022

"With Workload Automation, you can reduce processing time by 70% and IT process errors by 90%."

Tech Mega Trend: Cloud Transformation

IT infrastructures are undergoing radical change: remote work, the digitalisation of specialist departments with numerous new software solutions, as well as tightened and urgently needed security measures are all placing demands on their IT performance. While cloud solutions were isolated solutions in many places two years ago, today they are changing historically grown IT landscapes with great vehemence. On-premise is increasingly becoming a thing of the past, and it remains to be seen whether the cloud transformation will not even lead to empty data centres in the long term.

In any case, the increasing demand for cloud ops in companies is keeping workload automation software manufacturers enormously busy. After all, the spectrum of cloud functionalities increasingly determines whether companies stay with one provider or realise their automation strategy by means of a new platform.

Focus topic 1: Cross-system orchestration of tasks and processes

Modern job scheduling must also function across systems in a cloud environment. This means that for optimal workload prioritisation, the sequencing of IT resources must be expanded to include additional options. Dynamic workload automation must be able to interact with applications and their data. User-friendly tools for defining business rules that can be oriented to the application's data models are another important feature of market-leading automation solutions.

Focus topic 2: Self-service automation

The active use of workload automation software is becoming increasingly relevant for business users. But the democratisation of automation tools is also accompanied by an increased volume of service tickets. In order to relieve internal IT, intelligent self-service functionalities are indispensable. This includes, for example, a meaningful prioritisation of jobs according to stringent policies. More transparency for end-users through the monitoring of their jobs and better flexibility through the independent deletion and processing of service tickets also increase IT performance and the possible degree of automation.

Focus topic 3: Security and compliance

With the cloud transformation, security and compliance requirements are also changing. What remains necessary, however, are the extensive documentation and archiving functions in order to pass a compliance audit positively. All communication between components must be encrypted so that data misuse can be prevented.

Workload Automation Highlight: News from Automic

What can workload automation users expect from Broadcom and its Automic Automation platform? The current release is all about the integration of hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Automic V21 can run in Kubernetes.

The upcoming release will also include enhancements around SAP Cloud Integration, Google Cloud Composer, Containerised Agents and Workloads, and more CLOUD integrations.

Overview of Automic Integrates Across Hybrid and Multi-Clouds

HOT 2022: Europe's largest workload automation trade fair

Conclusion remains: The user base and the technical requirements for workload automation software in companies are constantly growing. In this context, one important realisation is gaining acceptance across all industries: Modern automation solutions are the central lever for a successful digital transformation.

Discover the potential of workload automation software at HOT 2022 and learn from an open exchange of experiences with other companies and practitioners! The Capture Automation team looks forward to seeing you again, making new acquaintances, and generating exciting impulses.



Where: Munich | Hotel Leonardo Royal

When: 4-6 July 2022

Registration: HOT 2022  

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