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Protect Your SLAs with effective change simulation

In our previous blogpost regarding cloud computing solutions we have highlighted how important it is to keep pace with the digital transformation happening nowadays. It is an inevitable step towards operational excellence, yet it has its complexities which need to be managed in the most effective manner to avoid business critical outcomes.

Workload automation and cloud solutions increase the level of complexity: the number of workloads and interdependencies gets higher and higher making it extremely difficult to gain a clear picture of the environment due to its ever-changing aspects. However, it is not an option to lose track of job schedules, volumes, durations, etc. as these are vital for meeting the service-level agreements. Any change can lead to missed SLAs if not implemented with the right strategy.

Let us have a closer look at the negative outcomes of business - and workload latencies or failures:

  • production and delivery delays
  • lost revenues
  • eroded customer satisfaction
  • compliance fines
  • damage to brand

To prevent your business from the above-mentioned serious losses, it is important to spot potential issues by implementing effective change simulation. To properly simulate complex changes even across multi-vendor or multi-platform environments, workload teams need full visibility and control of how the respective changes will impact their existing business processes and SLAs in production.

 Comprehensive and flexible variable control includes the ability to simulate:

  • Changes to job run duration
  • Addition and removal of jobs
  • Changes in job status
  • Changes to dependencies
  • Scheduling changes, such as a job’s start time or day
  • Alteration of workload sizes, scope, and duration


Curious what could be a suitable solution for your organization to protect your SLAs?

Let us introduce to you the Automation Analytics & Intelligence (AAI) by Broadcom which is an advanced analytics solution for workload automation.


What you should know about AAI:

  • enables your organization to improve service delivery by helping to easily spot problems and understand the effect of workloads on business services and SLAs,
  • it can maximize operational and cost efficiency by minimizing the time automation groups spend on monitoring jobs and addressing alerts,
  • delivers advanced SLA management, automation intelligence for predictive analytics and unified enterprise-wide observability for business-critical applications across workload solutions and hybrid cloud environments,
  • empowers your workload teams to simulate potential changes and see the impact they have on the entire automated business process and SLAs in place,
  • its capabilities are included with AutoSys Workload Automation, Automic, CA 7, and ESP,
  • this solution can be integrated with various software like Tidal, IWS or Control-M.


If you would like to explore more about AAI by Broadcom and how firms from different sectors benefited from its usage, feel free to download the attached E-Book created by an automation expert.

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