Managed Service: Your Automic Application Support

In many companies, AutomicApplications are the core of business process automation and thus the technological basis for the company's success. The ongoing operation of the established business process automation services must therefore be ensured at all times. Staff changes, retirements, but also a realignment of the IT department can favour an outsourcing of the administrative and operative Automic Application Support or sometimes even make it urgently necessary.

Already 300 customers have chosen Capture as their strategic Automic partner and have their licence agreement and Automic product support directly with Capture. Find out in this blog post why many of these customers, as well as others, are now looking for the developed Automic Application Support offers and expanding their relationship with Capture.

Capture: Your Automic Application Support Partner - Flexible, Networked and Experienced

With Capture Automic Application Support, you get the best of both worlds: We are your regional support partner but offer 24/7 global support through our collaboration with Bosch Global Technologies GmbH. Our technical experts have up to 20 years of experience with Automic Automation Software, as well as direct access to Broadcom's development, product management and sales teams. Benefit from a contact person who speaks your language and can activate a network for you to get the most out of service support.

Automic Application Support: 12 weeks to go-live.

Do you see external maintenance of your IT automation or a move to the cloud as an important next step? We have developed a step-by-step plan that considers your organisational pace of change and your individual needs. If you don't want any changes in your licence management or IT infrastructure, but just want to outsource the management of the Automic environment, Capture's Automic Application Support Service is the right choice:

  • The suitable Automic Application Support Service

Capture's Automic Application Support Service is divided into three modules that can be used individually or collectively by Automic customers:

      1. Outsource parts or even the entire Administration to us. From the installation and deletion of agents, patch management and periodic backups of the Automation Engine to full-scale monitoring of your Automic infrastructure: we adapt to the needs and requirements of your IT and business organisation. maintenance agendas: We adapt to the needs of your IT and business organisation. 
      2. With the Job Monitoring Module, we support you with the monitoring of your Automic processes, corrective measures in the event of job failures and the activation or restart of your processes.
      3. With the Job Design Service, we go one step further and take over the creation, modification, and deletion of automation objects for you.
  • The contract regulation

Excellent external support requires a clear, binding set of rules for all possible incoming scenarios. Therefore, the expected service is discussed in detail in advance and finalised in the service contract.  Our best practices experience and a comprehensive questionnaire to analyse the requirements provide the basis for a precise definition of the contract contents.

  • The Service Delivery Handbook

The cooperation between the client's operational teams and our Delivery Centre is once again significantly strengthened during the handover process. Along the Automic Transition Framework, all necessary technical and personnel information as well as existing gaps are collected and recorded in a transition plan. The theoretical knowledge transfer is complemented by shadow support. The resulting Service Delivery Handbook finally describes a complete process sequence for the agreed service.

  • Training and Handover

The knowledge transfer is followed by the stabilisation and post-stabilisation phase. In this phase, the Automic Application Support is already running operationally, although process improvements may still be identified and recorded in the Service Delivery Handbook. Through SLA tracking and reporting, as well as ongoing feedback loops, a service level is reached within a few weeks at which the agreed SLAs can be met.

Now it's your turn!

There is no way around Automic in your organisation? But you need new solutions to ensure its continued safe operation? Contact us for a free consultation and download our Handout with the 6 key facts about Automic Application Support. We will show you how your organisation can benefit from Automic Application Support. 



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