The Business Automation Trend Guide 2022

For 97% of all companies, business automation is at the heart of digital transformation. This is because the automation of internal business processes saves costs, time and has a direct impact on the total experience (CX+UX+Employee Experience) of a company.  It is therefore not surprising that 6 of Gartner's 12 Technology Trends 2022 are related to automation.

We shed light on this for you in the current Capture Trend Guide:

  • What actions you should take for successful business automation
  • How automation platforms drive business automation holistically
  • Which business areas show the highest automation potential

Business automation in the post-pandemic phase 

In the last two years, numerous companies have proven how quickly digitalisation measures can be implemented out of "necessity". While the implementation of digital workplace technologies increased dramatically at the beginning of the Corona crisis, the focus shifted to IT automation technologies in the second year of the pandemic. This may have been partly due to the realisation that the IT department is the central enabler of virtual and hybrid work culture.

According to analysts and consultants, the pace of corporate business automation development is slowing again. So what can be done to continue to make the most of the digital upswing?

  • Develop automation strategies

McKinsey emphasises above all the importance of automation strategies. While it was crucial to prioritise and implement measures quickly in the state of emergency, it is now important to proceed more systematically again.

  • Use automation platforms

Isolated automation initiatives should be developed synergistically. The rollout to other departments or integration with third-party systems always increases

However, an automation platform can orchestrate business automation in a comprehensible way. It accelerates the further expansion stages through intelligent features, both for the IT and the business departments. 

Business Automation

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  • Exploiting the paradigm shift of business automation

Today, employees accept the automation of business processes as a matter of course and even actively demand it. Fears of being replaced by machines are giving way to the realisation that modern work design reduces repetitive tasks and allows for new individual as well as team-oriented development perspectives. Take advantage of the growing self-confidence of employees in dealing with digital technologies. A certain autonomy of business departments can also be realised in the area of business automation through self-services.  

  • Thinking ahead for automated business processes

There are certain or at least preferred prerequisites for process automation. In order for the investment to be profitable, highly repetitive, high-volume tasks that are not very error-prone should be selected as a matter of principle. Structured data can currently be processed more easily than unstructured data. However, with the help of hyper-automation – the combination of automation technologies such as RPA, artificial intelligence, and virtual assistants – the use cases have long since expanded into the area of language processing. 

The Capture Business Automation Use Case Collection

Which companies benefit from business automation? There are potential use cases in every organisation, department, and industry. We have compiled an initial department-specific overview for you:

IT Management

  • IT Service Requests
  • Infrastructure management
  • Data management and migration
  • Storage capacity optimisation
  • System Health Checks

Financial Accounting

  • Accounts payable (digital document processing)
  • Expenses & travel expenses
  • Document release
  • Data reconciliation / transfer
  • Risk Management

HR Management

  • Payroll Accounting
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Time Recording
  • Performance Management
  • Recruiting (personnel master data maintenance)

Customer service

  • Pre-selection of requests
  • Creation of appointments
  • Email automation
  • Termination management
  • Call documentation


Potential savings through business automation*

  • A few automations can relieve employees of up to 20 minutes a day
  • If 1,000 employees are supported by a software robot, 3 million EUR can be saved (at labour costs of 35 EUR / hour)

*Smarter with Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2020


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Business Automation Trend Guide 2022 - Capture.pdf
429.62 KB

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